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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Uh, oh. It's Pot-Luck Picnic Time.

Pot-Luck. These two little words inspire a whole bunch of fear in the hearts (and bellies) of people with food allergies, as well as vegetarians. So – here’s my latest dilemma, and how I solved it:

We’ve (the family and I) have been invited to a graduation BBQ. My brother-in-law is graduating from Army Basic Training – and we’re going to the celebration! So, of course, they’ll have hot dogs, and burgers – both of which won’t work for my daughter (vegetarian), or me (allergic to soy, wheat). And the guests are supposed to bring a side to share. Okay, well, I know I’ll see the usual fare – mayo slobbered potatoes, and macaroni (neither of us will touch either – due to either allergies, or just outright fear of food poisoning -( think mayonnaise in 90 degree temperatures for several hours???) maybe some baked beans, chips, dips, etc.

What was I going to make? Fruit salad popped into mind at first, but woman cannot live on fruit alone. Then I remembered a great summer salad – Spicy Mexican Corn, and Black Beans! Perfect! Not only does it satisfy us both, but just about everyone loves it! So – into the cooler I’ll toss some salad, and then our side dish of Spicy Mexican Corn and Black Beans – and there we’ll have the perfect lunch. Certainly we may see some surprises, and then we’ll have to indulge, but I’m not counting on it.

(Recipe and photo to follow!)


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